Huon Pine


Tasmanian Huon Pine 'Lagarostrobos Franklinii' is often thousands of years old and grows only on the wild west coast of Tasmania. If you're looking for a unique sound of depth and richness then Huon Pine has a lot to offer.

Huon Pine makes for an exceptional Tonewood with beautiful depth and great sustain. Its physical structure is as magnificent with very fine growth rings and incredible stability being hundreds of years old. Huon is often compared to New Zealand Kauri. 

Our Huon Pine soundboards (guitar tops) are only ever perfectly quarter sawn and we only offer Huon that is "crisp" meaning that it has a  low oil content giving it brilliant bright tonal properties.

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 Common Name(s): Huon Pine
Scientific Name: Lagarostrobos franklinii
Distribution: Australia, New Zealand, and southeast Asia
Tree Size: 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall, 2-4 ft (.6-1.2 m) trunk diameter
Average Dried Weight: 35 lbs/ft3 (560 kg/m3)
Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .47, .56
Janka Hardness: 920 lbf (4,110 N)
Modulus of Rupture: 11,070 lbf/in2 (76.3 MPa)
Elastic Modulus: 1,339,000 lbf/in2 (9.23 GPa)
Crushing Strength: 6,320 lbf/in2 (43.6 MPa)
Shrinkage: Radial: 4.4%, Tangential: 6.1%, Volumetric: 10.9%, T/R Ratio: 1.4

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