Our Story

Welcome to our online store! We hope you enjoy looking for that perfect item with ease and if not please contact us anytime, we're happy to help!

Our goal is to supply Luthiers with premium quality Australian Tonewood with focus on our own Tasmanian species, for fine Acoustic Instruments all over the world.

After our many passionate years in the timber and fine furniture industry plus over two decades experience in Tonewoods; we are able to offer Luthiers with the best Tonewood available from Tasmania, Australia.

We process all of our own Tonewood starting from sustainably salvaged tree selection, milling, seasoning of timbers to re-sawing Tonewood. Our high standards in quality control and experience in Tonewood selection gives us confidence to offer you a satisfaction guarantee!

'We have never had a returned item only happily returning Luthier clientele!'

All of our Acoustic Guitar Tonewood kits are long-term air dried for a minimum of 4 years.  Every product is meticulously assessed for both tone and physical properties before it leaves our workshop.
They're packaged securely and shipped often the same day, en-route to become your next masterpiece!

Keep in mind:
- If we don't have what you're looking for, please contact us, we're happy to assist with custom orders.
- Multiple item orders may qualify for a discount, let us know what you're interested in.
- We are located just 10 minutes from Hobart in Tasmania (Australia), you can drop in by appointment or we can ship our products to you anywhere in the world!