Welcome to Tasmanian Acoustic Tonewoods Online Store

Supplying luthiers with premium quality Tonewood directly from our little Island state of Tasmania, Australia. With twenty passionate years in sustainable timber salvaging, milling and Tonewood processing, we are able to maintain the highest standard in quality control of each and every item that we offer. In doing so we trust that our clientele can reach their highest standard in creating their beautiful instruments.

‘What you see is what you receive’ - each Tonewood set has its own portfolio of photos to showcase its unique beauty and characteristics.

‘Correctly seasoned’ - all instrument grade timber products or Tonewood sets available have been seasoned correctly in order to obtain a stable yet workable Tonewood. Only kiln drying certain products where necessary.

‘Worldwide shipping’ - we are able to easily ship to you anywhere in the world.

‘We Guarantee satisfaction’ - not all do, but we do. We will work with you until you’re totally happy.

'Lets talk Tonewood' - chat with the founder and master of all things Tonewood Bentley Cross for any further questions you may have, happy to help!


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