Client Appraisal & Gallery

"Bentley, it took a bit of time to convert your nice piece of Huon Pine into something which will still be there when we aren’t anymore.
There is a philosophy attached to the timber - that’s for another day.
I’m grateful for the wonderful service and help you provided to make this project happen.
It is the first instrument I’ve build from scratch.
As the arch top has such a lovely voice, I’m going to build another one and I’m sure you can supply the tonewood for it again.
Kind regards


"I believe I have the right wood supplier, you Bentley and the right builder, Paul Beard.  Thank you soooo much for the wood!!!" - Brad W.

"Hello Bentley, Here are some pics of the Weissenborn I built with your set of Blackwood. It was terrific to work with. Bent easily, planed and scraped well. Tone is great right out of the gate. I’m using tung oil as a finish. Binding, bridge, and end graft are curly maple, soundhole rosette , and back of peg head are birdseye maple, peg head overlay is cocobolo, purfling and dots are abalone. It was a fun build, made so much better by this wonderful wood. I’m looking forward to doing another one.
My sister asked what I was going to name her and I told her I didn’t know. Here is what she wrote:
“…not that you asked, but here’s a suggestion that comes to top of mind: Molly. Our aunt we never got to know, and who never got a chance at life.  I like to think she would have been another “fun” one, like Carla. Her song can be played through this beautiful instrument 🙂” " - Mark Zarn AZ USA

"Hi Bentley,
am sharing some photos, have just finished this build using timbers purchased from you.  It's a commission build using all tasmanian timbers, tas blackwood, celery-top, tas myrtle and huon pine.  I had the myrtle and huon in stock, the back and sides are from you and the rest I shopped around for.  My conclusion is that you are the best supplier for tasmanian tonewoods, and will be using you in the future !
Thanks heaps, Alex."

"Hello Bentley,
I am very happy with the last shipment.
I have used timber from 3 other suppliers in the past, mostly ok, but I am extremely happy with the quality of your product and service. Easy to work with and has great sound.
So I will dealing with you from now on." - A. Blackstock

"I just went through the wood you sent me with my last order. Again.
First of all, I am pleased with the quality, but since you know your stuff, you probably know that. The photos on your homepage are trustworthy as well. Since you cut the sets for Weissenborn guitar really generously, I got the top and back for one smaller steel string guitar (Weissenborn Style C) out of it. Thanks for the added goodies as well!
I will definitely order from your shop again and recommend your service!
Best wishes"- T.S. Lietz

"I used to use Koa all the time, but now I like the Tasmanian Blackwood better. This is just my opinion but I think Tasmanian Blackwood simply sounds better." - HAYASHI Guitars

Award Winning Double Bass by Bresque Basses (Aus) with Our Tasmanian Blackwood
Judges Comments on Double Bass:
“Beautiful, clear and compelling tone, good consistent dynamic range and seamless response. Truly exceptional ergonomics … too easy to play! A fantastic, versatile bass” – Or Baraket
“Very easy to play. Lovely upper register G string, with a refined sound, excellent projection and good balance overall across the strings … the solo quality is striking. Although delicate, the sound has wonderful bottom to reinforce it.” – John Clayton