Tasmanian Flame Myrtle - Acoustic Guitar Tonewood Kit

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Flame Myrtle! Like the 'Tiger' feature in Tiger Myrtle but different. The purple and red streaks against the orange myrtle are often described as "looking into the flames of a camp fire". We'll let you decide.

Backs 2 @ 579mm long x 264mm wide x 4mm thick

Sides 2 @ 845mm long x 134mm wide x 4mm thick


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  • Our clientele include award winning luthiers from around the world.
  • All kits are dry, stable and ready to be crafted into your next masterpiece.
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LENGTH x WIDTH ( Inches / mm )


Backs minimum sizing:

22" x 8-1/2"  /  559mm x 216mm

Sides minimum sizing:

32" x 5"  /  813mm x 127mm



Backs minimum sizing:

21" x 7-3/4"  /  533mm x 197mm

Sides minimum sizing:

30" x 4-1/2"  /  762mm x 114mm



Backs minimum sizing:

19-1/2" x 6-3/4"  /  495mm x 172mm

Sides minimum sizing:

28" x 4-1/2"  /  711mm x 114mm


Soprano Ukulele

Back minimum dimensions:

10-1/2" x 4"  /  267mm x 102mm 

Sides minimum dimensions:

15-1/2" x 3-1/2"  /  394mm x 89mm


Tenor Ukulele:

Back minimum dimensions:

12-1/4" x 4-1/2"  /  311mm x 114mm 

Sides minimum dimensions:

 20" x 3"  /  508mm x 76mm 



Tasmanian Acoustic Tonewood is an Australian Luthier supply business that is locally owned and operated. If we don't have the Tasmanian (Australian) Tonewoods or other timber products that you're in need of then please get in touch - We are very happy to assist you!

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